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Sponsor Licenses


If you need to employ overseas workers, we can help you to obtain the sponsor licence you need.

Sponsor Licence Solicitors, London

Any employer in the UK who wishes to need to employ a skilled worker from overseas must apply for a sponsor licence. In order to obtain and keep a sponsor licence, employers are obliged to uphold a number of duties and obligations. In essence, the Home Office is relying on the employer to ensure that foreign workers are complying with UK immigration law. Part of the application process involves demonstrating that you are a legitimate business, you need to hire overseas workers, and that the executive members of your company can be trusted to comply with the licence obligations.

Making a sponsor licence application

In order for your sponsor licence application to be successful, you must submit adequate evidence that you meet the requirements along with your application. You will need to provide detailed information about your business operations, and be able to prove that you must hire overseas talent and could not find the necessary workers in the UK. If your application is successful, you must issue each worker to employ with a certificate of Sponsorship, and carry out your duties as a sponsor. If your application is rejected we can assist you, but the best way to prevent an application from being refused is to work with an experienced immigration lawyer.

Help with sponsor licence applications

Sponsor Licence Application Solicitors based in London

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Assistance with sponsor licence applications

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It can be frustrating to have your sponsor licence application rejected. There is no right to appeal and you must wait for a cooling-off period before applying again. This can put a halt on your operations – but we can help.

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