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Refusals and Appeals


If you want to challenge an immigration decision, you need an experienced immigration lawyer. We can help.

Immigration Refusals & Appeals Lawyers, London

The rejection rate for UK visas is around 15%, and all types of visa applications are refused for a broad variety of reasons. At present, the UK government is trying to restrict the number of people who can come to the UK, and as a result visa requirements are strict – there is no leniency. It is essential that if you need a visa to come to the UK and wish to avoid rejection, you instruct the help of an experienced immigration solicitor. We can help you with your application and advise what to do if your visa is refused.

UK Visa refusal – what happens next?

If you have received a visa refusal letter, we can help.

When you get in contact with us, we can investigate the grounds for your visa being refused. Our solicitors can assess whether you might be able to appeal and deal with the Home Office on your behalf. Appealing a refused visa can be complicated, but we have the experience and understanding to help you. We will draft a Letter of Representation which sets out the details of your case and all supporting evidence and information. We can also represent you at any subsequent hearing.

Visa refusal – help and advice

Refusals & Appeals Solicitors based in London

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Why was my UK visa refused?

There are many reasons as to why the Home office will refuse an application from missing evidence to formatting errors. We can investigate for you.

What happens if my visa refusal appeal fails?

There may still be options for you if you believe there was a legal issue during the proceedings. We can advise you.

Can I appeal a visa refusal?

Your refusal letter will provide you with the details of whether and how you can make an appeal. We can check this letter for you.

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