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Exclusion & Removal of EEA nationals


If you are an EEA national facing removal or exclusion from the UK, we can help.

Exclusion & Removal of EEA Nationals Solicitors, London

The Secretary of State and the Home Office have the power to exclude an European Economic Association (“EEA”) national, which means they will not be permitted to enter the UK. They also have the power to remove EEA nationals from the UK. Exclusion and removal may occur where certain conditions are no longer met, or on public policy grounds. If you are facing exclusion or removal, our experienced solicitors can advise you as to whether you can challenge the decision and will guide you through the process.

Can I challenge a UK exclusion order?

Exclusion from the UK is normally only used in circumstances where the person has a history of criminal convictions, international criminality, corruption or poses a threat to national security. In certain circumstances it may also apply where a person has bee party to a sham marriage. .If you are facing exclusion from the UK, we understand how much of an impact this may have on your life. It is possible to challenge an exclusion order made against you using the Judicial Review process or on Human Rights grounds.

Are you an EEA National facing exclusion or removal?

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UK Removal and Exclusion Advice for EEA Nationals

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We can advise you as to how you might challenge a removal or exclusion order made against you, and will fight for your best interest. Our solicitors have the experience and understanding required to give your case the best chance of success.

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