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Deportation, Removal & Bail


If you are facing deportation or removal, you need urgent advice.

Deportation, Removal and Bail Solicitors, London

Deportation and removal from the UK is a serious matter and will have a huge impact on your everyday life. Where you are found to have breached the terms of your stay in the UK, including any immigration laws you may be detained and could face deportation. If you are currently detained, you must seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. You need a team of specialist solicitors who will fight for your best interests and provide the advice, assistance and representation that you need.

Are you facing deportation or removal from the UK?

If you are facing deportation or removal from the UK, only a specialist immigration solicitor will be able to advise you fully as to what you should do next. Where the Home Office has taken the decision that you should be deported or removed from the UK, you will receive notice in writing. You should seek legal advice right away as you may be able to challenge the decision of the Home Office. We can help you to explain why you should be allowed to stay in the country and to appeal a deportation order in certain circumstances.

Assistance and legal advice on deportation, bail, and removal

Deportation, Removal & Bail Solicitors based in London

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